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John McHugh is a urologist in Georgia who was treated for prostate cancer in 2007. His book, "The decision: Your prostate biopsy shows cancer. Now what?" was written for the newly diagnosed prostate cancer patient as an aid to making the decision of which treatment to pursue. Using medical insight, personal stories and humor, Dr. McHugh offers a novel and eclectic approach to the "Decision." Dr. McHugh enjoys being "the second opinion" for patients diagnosed with prostate cancer by other physicians. Patients value his experience in having treated this disease and having been treated for it as an adjunct to their making the decision "right" for them. Dr. McHugh's urological niche is microscopic vasectomy reversal surgery. He performs this procedure with a Zeiss operating microscope, microscopic instruments and suture in his accredited urological surgery center. Anesthesia is provided by board certified anesthesiologists. It has become the most enjoyable and gratifying procedure he performs.

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