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This is actually quite informative. I put this together in 2011.  I hope you enjoy and possibly share with someone newly diagnosed.

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Illustrations from “The Decision” with explanations on Flickr. Over 7,000 views and not a bad starting point for the newly diagnosed prostate cancer patient.

Doctors will often draw on the bed sheet, their scrubs or on the exam table paper simplistic illustrations to help patients understand a concept. I have used the above illustrations hundreds of times over my thirty year career as a urologist for this very purpose. Click on the above link and see if they are beneficial to you-either by helping you understand an aspect of prostate cancer or better yet prompt a question for your doctor.


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Saying “I don’t know” will set you free…in your medical practice and in your marriage.

“John, how is it you have the answer and the solution to everything?” my wife asked.

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The dour physician is repulsive to the well and sick alike.

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Will Rogers said, “I never met a man I didn’t like.”

How can that be?

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Some patients sometimes think that because they pay for a doctor’s service, that they own them.

Did you know that doctors can “fire” patients?

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