The issues

You have had the biopsy and have been told you have prostate cancer. The problem with a decision about what to do is problematic because all of the treatments have side effects.

The decision is the meshing of three major issues. The biopsy specifics, your “who are you” issues, and your assessment of risks vs. benefits as it pertains to you.

What follows is a breakdown of all of these issues and then culminating in the McHugh Decision Worksheet. To take the worksheet you will need to have evaluated all the issues to answer intelligently.

So….the process begins. It starts with an intensive evaluation by you, your family and loved ones. It ends with a “gut” feeling of what is right to do for you, for the right reasons with the full understanding of all of the treatment ramifications.

The biopsy specifics (your disease) and importance in your decision.

McHugh ” Who are you?” factors and the importance in your decision.

Assessment of risk vs. cure in the context of  issues associated with and peculiar  to each treatment (how you void, sexual function), and your underlying health (years at risk).

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