Bill Aucoin, Kiss, Billy Idol, Cutthroat Trout, and Post Modern Music, Fly fishing, and of course that ole chestnut…Prostate cancer.

Prostate Diaries

Each fall  for about 15 years some friends and I went hiking and fishing out west to some of the nicest trout waters and areas in the world. Above is one of my favorite pictures. On this particular occasion we were in Idaho on the Selway river in the Bitteroot Wilderness very near where Lewis and Clark traversed in the early 1800”s.  Several things about this picture. One to get to this spot we flew in by bush plane and then hiked three or so days with backpacks to get to about three miles from this spot. Me and one of my of fellow fisherman hiked the additional  several miles from our base camp with just our fly rods to get to there. The fisherman there is me…the rod is a Orvis 5 wt. fly rod with a Battenkill real and 3 lb. tippet. I was using “terrestrials” or “hoppers” that I had tied before the trip. What you see…

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What’s it going to take to prevent patients presenting with prostate cancer too late to cure?

Increased awareness and early detection is the name of the game for any cancer.

Prostate Diaries

The above picture was taken last year almost to the day in Orange Beach, Alabama. I remember the day vividly. My wife and I went to the beach and for almost every minute of the day construction vehicles were working and making noise just outside our condominium. It was comical how loud and persistent the noise and activity was. BP was paying money for the clean up and Orange Beach was using every penny of it looking for tar balls. We would see workers shift sand all day and from what we could tell from our balcony and on our walks very little was being found. It looked very “governmental to me.”

Anyway, just before I had left Gainesville a patient who had been diagnosed with prostate cancer with a high Gleason score had had a bone scan. I was concerned about it. The patient and his wife became “office…

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the prostate and prostate cancer….the rodney dangerfield of cancers and organs

I was so ugly when I was born the doctor slapped my mother! RD

Prostate Diaries

Five reasons the prostate is the “Rodney Dangerfield” of organs…it gets no respect.

“I’m not a sexy guy. I went to a hooker. I dropped my pants. She dropped her price.”- R.D.

The reason why the prostate doesn’t get any respect has a little to do with the very nature of the organ and its disease and a little to do with the mindset of the male.  The perfect storm which is a gland that the male can’t see or feel and a cancer that doesn’t cause symptoms until it is too late is the reason for the tragedy of over 25,000 deaths a year in the United States a year. Look at the following reasons and see if  you see  yourself or that of a loved one who isn’t guilty as well.

  • Unlike a women’s breast that gets all the attention an organ could ever want, the prostate lives…

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Question: Would the Interstim device from Medtronics help post prostatectomy incontinence like it does for female urinary incontinence? Northeast Georgia Urology

The InterStim and PTNS device both stimulate the nerve at the S3 foramen to “quite” the badder and improve urinary frequency.

Prostate Diaries

Usually not. But there  is a situation where it could be of value. But first an overview of incontinence as it pertains to the male, the sphincter, the bladder, and the body with and without a prostate. The following is an excerpt from my book and explains the caveat about an overactive bladder in the face of a recent prostatectomy. The Medtronic Interstim device can be placed in a test fashion as an  out patient. I have inserted dozens over the years, not in a post prostatectomy patient, and when it works- it works very well and negates the need for medications that are either partially effective or have pesky side effects (dry mouth and constipation).  This Medtronic video on Facebook is actually quite informative and explains the physiology of this situation.

  • the most common type of incontinence after prostatectomy is stress incontinence-you leak with activity
  • there is also total…

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Gainesville/Northeast Ga. Urology PTNS for Overactive Bladder

Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation Is an out patient office based procedure for overactive bladder and is offered at Northeast Ga. Urological Associates. It is also effective for men who have urinary frequency and urgency after radiation or prostatectomy for prostate cancer. For more details go to or call Christy Woodruff N.P.,NP-C. at 770-535-0001 ext …

two songs – two eras – same kinda girl – and man did my mom love sinatra

Lady and the tramp meets Virginia!

Prostate Diaries

I love  Sinatra’s version of The Lady is a Tramp.” I love the kind of girl and person it  represents. When  I told my daughter that the song I’d recommend for her Debutante dance be that song it puzzled her and everyone else.” Why would you choose that one daddy. I’m a tramp?” Well…read and listen more  closely. Then it dawned on  me that another favorite of mine was “Meet  Virginia” and for the very same reason.

On one of the first dates with  my wife at about eleven at night and before dessert, she ordered coffee. I was a junior in  college and had never heard of anyone having coffee in the middle of the night and before dessert. I know  it’s done, I am saying to me  at the time it was quirky. I liked it. A “tangential kinda person.” “Edgy” ” I don’t roll that way” ” Beat…

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