I just want to be lucky

I have seen my surgeon only twice, once before the surgery and then during my hospital stay after the surgery. During the first meeting and after small talk and introductions, he asked me if I wanted to know any of the particulars of how he performed a robotic prostatectomy. I said, “No.” He then asked, “Do you want me to do the lymph nodes?” I said, “No, I just want to be lucky and for you to have a good day.” I added, “I do need directions to the hospital from interstate I-85.”

As a patient, my advice to you is to …” Do your homework on the front-end.”



3 Replies to “I just want to be lucky”

  1. These are wise words to heed. But I will note that many of the Male species fail at this critical task. Since my diagnosis, it seems I have become aware of many people that share the same health issue, prostate cancer. The manner in which it is addressed is so different for each case. I agree with your advice Doctor, sadly many do not posses the skills to explore the possibilities before them.


  2. The day before focal cryo surgery at Duke University Hosp, had the same question for me “we can resection the lymp nodes with cryo”. My reply was similar “do you have the cancer has spread beyond the prostate? Dr Ans “No”
    Let’s not fix what isn’t broken”


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