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This is a common question in my office and I am sure one for some of you. I hope it is helpful.- JM

TRT Requires Close Long-Term Follow-Up

Urology – May 1, 2007 – Vol. 22 – No. 11

Patients with low serum testosterone levels and symptomatic hypogonadism who have undergone treatment for early, localized prostate cancer may be treated with testosterone replacement therapy as long as they are followed closely and remain in remission.

Article Reviewed: Testosterone Replacement for Hypogonadism After Treatment of Early Prostate Cancer With Brachytherapy. Sarosdy MF: Cancer; 2007; 109 (February 1): 536-541.


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The Real Prostate Cancer Second Opinion-That’s Right…I don’t have a dog in your fight!

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I put this satirical cartoon together years ago and it is interesting that it is as relevant today as then. If you have prostate cancer and considering options…do your homework.  One robot don’t make no show!

Visit Dr. McHugh’s “The Real Prostate Cancer Second Opinion” Website

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It’s a sad story but true…the recurrent kidney stone patient.

The heartbreak of lithiasis-A podcast.

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Life is short and the Art long….Osler

The Two Jokes…in spoken word…

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Don’t make the mistake of sending a patient to another doctor…for a condition you treat. Embarrassing.


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When it comes to vasectomies…men don’t quite understand what the procedure does or what it doesn’t do. A primer podcast.


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