Dry with a diaper-potent with a pill

I remember I was working in the backyard, and for the first time in months I felt the urge to void. As urine had been just passing through my bladder, this was significant. Just like that, no warning, it just happened. “Karen guess what? I just urinated!” From that point on for about a week I could get by with a diaper a day. I came to love my diapers, they were comfortable, had perforated breathable sides, and just using one pair a day was not very different from wearing underwear. Not having to roll on the sticky condom catheter every morning was like being set free and being in heaven. I told my wife that, if I had to, being “dry with a diaper and potent with a pill” was a situation that I could live with forever. I made up a little jingle that I would sing with those words, as I’d do a jig in front of the bathroom mirror. I also had a “routine” where I’d say that I could be a poster boy for Depends and maybe be the model for a new line of diapers for active and professional men hiding the fact that they leaked but led a productive life. (I had in mind diapers with little fly-fishermen on them.) This shows you how a patient’s frame of mind changes, and how what is important to you evolves throughout your journey with medical issues.


3 Replies to “Dry with a diaper-potent with a pill”

  1. Hi John, I read your book and thought it was excellent. One question: I had RP surgery and have done very well, but there is one aspect that I don’t see written about very often, if at all. I’ll call it, foreplay incontinence. I otherwise have good daily urinary control and good erectile function, but what is up with urinary leakage during foreplay?


  2. I am 4 months after radical prostatectomy and my erectile function is non-existant. I tried the pill 10 and 20mg but no luck yet. Not planning on using needles or pumps. What are chances of recovery and am I too impatient?


    1. I too was impatient. Having said that return of sexual function varies but is not unusual to take up to 18 months and it is usually a very gradual process. The pump and the injection therapy actually will help in the return of function so you should explore those with your doctor. I wish you the best.


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