Vasectomy Reversal Success Story Northeast Georgia Urological Associates

January 22, 2015 Dr. McHugh performed my vasectomy in October 2012 after the birth of my daughter. In early 2014 my wife and I decided to try for a second child. Dr. McHugh  reversed my vasectomy on March 6, 2014. The procedure was completed in a few hours with no complications. I experienced no more …

How a urologist decided what to do after being told he had prostate cancer.

Now it ain’t about being a urologist!

Prostate Diaries

Factors that a urologist with prostate cancer used to make his ” Decision.”

I am not advising that you make the decision I did. (That is the difference between this book and many others about prostate cancer.) I am advising that you make your decision the way that I did. It has to be done based on things and factors specific to only you. I know, I know, I am a surgeon and you think I am biased toward surgery. Well, you are wrong. I am biased toward surgery in a certain subset of the prostate cancer patients, namely someone with the ” who are you” factors similiar to mine, but not regarding the management of prostate cancer across the board.

I do not have ” a dog in this fight.”  Use my system and McHugh Decision Cheat-sheat to help you clarify your decision and share with others to help them.

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searches about prostate cancer that drive surfers to my site…and things i have learned on the internet…

These things I’ve learned.

Prostate Diaries

In the picture above is my garage and my 1986 Toyota truck, my first air-conditioned car that I bought in residency in Augusta, Ga to use to moonlight in Millen, Ga for extra money. On the truck are our three cats, in order from right to left, Kitten, Annie, and Kibber. On the hood is Penelope as a puppie. Penelope is there to eat cat food. My wife had the habit of feeding the cats their” three cans of “stinking can” cat food on the hood of my beloved truck.  When I would come home at night, if I walked by the truck, the cats would congregate there hoping to be fed. Penelope loved the canned cat food as well and that explains why she is there. Sadly, Kibber and her daughter Annie have passed away since this picture was taken. The picture says so much however about my life at the time…

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question about prostate cancer….high Gleason’s / low PSA… can this be?

Yes you can have prostate cancer with normal PSA .

Prostate Diaries


burn me once… shame on you…burn me twice…shame on me


  • When tumors are described by way of its differentiation, i.e. well differentiated, poorly differentiated, what they  are talking about is how close or how far away is from a normal one.
  • In prostate cancer the Gleason’s score  is a way to describe how a cell is differentiated.
  • A Gleason 6 is a well-moderately differentiated cancer.
  • A Gleason 8 or above is a poorly differentiated cancer.
  • A well differentiated prostate cancer is harder to call for the pathologist than a moderately differentiated cancer because the well differentiated cell more closely resembles the normal prostate cell.
  • A poorly differentiated prostate cancer cell is  an easy to call for the pathologist because its architecture is so far removed from how a normal cell looks…it is sometimes described as “bizarre.”
  • A poorly differentiated cell however can be tricky for the pathologist because it can be so bizarre looking that…

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Don’t you dare let that mean ole urologist biopsy your prostate for profit!

Seeding. Good question, reasonable assumption…. But not proven.😥😰😅😓😩😫😨😱

Prostate Diaries

It’s funny… Richard Ablin  kept on referring to all the money that urologists make doing biopsies and PSAs. When people start striking right at the money that ” those rich doctors” make, I’m sorry, I just tune out. To me this mindset has a preconceived notion that then flavors and influences that person’s view of the whole subject. I believe it taints it.  I received a delightful comment earlier today and in it there was mention ” tumor seeding.” It is a very common question and concern of patients of mine. The correct answer to the question is that tumor seeding from the prostate at the time of prostate biopsy has not been proven or shown to occur. Does that mean it hasn’t happened? No. Maybe it has.  It took about two seconds to find a discussion on seeding and how bad the urologist is for not telling everybody that he could…

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Why do men leak urine after having the prostate removed for prostate cancer?

Nuttin to hold it back!😪

Prostate Diaries

After the prostate is removed the male depends almost exclusively on the external sphincter for the control of urine. The male’s body has  to “relearn” how to control continence. How much one will leak, how long one will leak, and to  what degree one leaks, cannot be predicted. The fear of incontinence along with the fear of impotence are primary factors in the “Decision.” These two factors often are more important to the male than concerns about the “best thing to do to cure the cancer.” Prostate cancer is unique in this way.

Dirty little secret: I don’t think doing Kegels have anything to do with the return of continence. Don’t get me wrong… they don’t hurt anything. I think continence starts with the prostatectomy being performed well, and then…luck. Why it is that I can remove a prostate the exact same way in one patient (and he is dry day one…

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Greenlight Laser before radiation treatment for Prostate Cancer?

First things first!

Prostate Diaries

If nothing is going right....go left. If nothing is going right….go left.

If you have obstructive voiding symptoms (slow stream, hesitancy, getting up at night, stop start stream, decrease in caliber  of  stream) and want to do radiation as your treatment of your prostate cancer it is okay to have the prostatic urethra opened by the Greenlight laser before the treatment to prevent exacerbation of your voiding symptoms after radiation. It is not advisable to do any surgical treatment of the prostate after radiation treatment of the prostate. Trust me.

It is better to cure at the beginning than at the end….my friend.

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Five reasons to choose removing your prostate for prostate cancer instead of radiation.

Radiation… The gift that keeps on giving….😪

Prostate Diaries

men are not prisoners of fate…they are prisoners of their own minds…..FDR- that’s a 1966 Ford Mustang-289-original body style

John…nothing you drive has an airbag…a lot of people depend on you…buy a new car!

The Five Reasons:

  1. You don’t have radiation in your body the rest of your life.
  2. You don’t have radiation in your body the rest of your life.
  3. You don’t have radiation in your body the rest of your life.
  4. You don’t have radiation in your body the rest of your life.
  5. You don’t have radiation in your bodythe rest of your life.

Tomorrow: Five reasons not to have your prostate removed…see…I am not biased, I am not biased, I am not biased…

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