The real story about the PSA test and prostate cancer. Are you there New York Times and Richard Albin?

Richard Albin's OpEd to the New York Times- Notice (as my mother would say) the "tone." "I discovered the PSA."- Richard Albin My unpublished letter to the NYT's regarding  Richard Albin's OpEd. Now........the real story, or as Paul Harvey used to say...." the rest of the story." (posted at PSA and the PSA Test: …

the robot got my prostate cancer!

I ain't saying I'm agin it.....I am just sayin, you ought to think on it. -  JM Reuter's article on "the robot" WebMd-More incontinence and ED? Science Daily-Costs for robotic higher? Dr. Catalona's thoughts Robotic- Is it time to  reassess?