Common question: Are blood and clots in the urine after a prostate biopsy normal?

Blog post from years ago is still relevant today.  Patients often times see clots in the urine and worry, that like clots in the blood stream, may go to the heart and lungs and cause a serious medical problem. Clots in the bladder are a problem only if they obstruct the flow of urine i.e. …

Why having no voiding symptoms is irrelevant in the early detection of prostate cancer.

Men commonly will say that they don't feel they need to be tested for prostate cancer because they have no voiding symptoms. As seen below, most prostate cancers occur in the posterior aspect of the prostate well away from the urethra. So one will have voiding symptoms from prostate cancer only if the cancer is …

John’s legbag movie-sometimes you just have to laugh

Prostate Diaries

In Patrick Walsh’s book on prostate cancer there is a very nice chapter on post prostatectomy incontinence. It details how one person might do extremely well and never leak. Another treated the exact same way leak for months (me). During this time I fully felt the meaning of a quote from Osler mentioned in that chapter.

“The well wears a crown that only the sick can see.”  Let me tell you, how I wished to be dry and free of diapers and bags and such.

Below a daily ritual around a month after my prostatectomy.

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