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Lots of water
Limit salt
Add citrus/Lemon to your water

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My daughter gave me a Go Pro for my birthday three years ago. Used it for the first time today at the beginning of the bass season here in Northeast Georgia. Surprised Penelope did not go in after the tennis ball. I think she prefers sticks.

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So…A lady says to her husband, ” My breasts are just as hot now as they were 50 years ago!”

He replies,” That’s because one is in the grits and the other is in the gravy!”

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revenge is a dessert best served cold

There were two families that lived next to each other in aĀ  smallĀ  neighborhood. One coupleĀ  wereĀ  Martians and the otherĀ  Earthlings. They became good friends over the years and one day over dinner they all Ā decided it might be interesting Ā to swap partners for one night.

While being intimate the MartianĀ  man asked the Earthling woman ifĀ  everything was going okay. She saidĀ  everything was fine. The MartianĀ  man then asked, ” I mean. Is the size suitable to you?”

“Well, the Earthling woman said, it could be a bit longer.”

The Martian man twisted his left ear and amazingly a few extraĀ  inches were added to his ” you knowĀ  what.”

The Martian man thenĀ  said..” Is that okay now?”

The Earthling woman said , ” That is fine. CanĀ  you make it wider as well?”

The Martian man twisted his right ear and girthĀ  was added.

The next day over breakfast the Earthling man and the Earthling woman were talking.

The Earthling man asked his wife, ” How did it go lastĀ  night?”

“Oh, she said, It was fabulous. WeĀ  should do that again soon. How didĀ  it go for you?”

The Earthling man said, ” Okay I guess. I don’t know, maybe it’s a Martian thing…but sheĀ  would not leave my ears alone. She twisted them all night and they are killing meĀ  this morning.”


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