McHugh Decision Cheat Sheet-It is imperative that you understand and have considered each of the questions in order to make the “Right Decision” for you.

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Decision Cheat Sheet – Tally up all the factors to see where you stand.

What follows represents a summary of the issues you should consider in making the decision. Some are redundant, but I think you will find, as I did, that evaluating an issue several ways will help you to hone your decision. For each category, circle the treatment that you feel is most suitable in your case and then tally your responses. You will be surprised by how helpful and comprehensive this exercise is, and at how knowledgeable you have become about the issues surrounding the decision.

P – Prostatectomy (You want the prostate removed, don’t worry now about how.)

R -Radiation (Don’t worry about which form, your radiation therapist will guide you.)

C – Cryosurgery

S – Surveillance (Remember this is an active process that entails serial PSAs and exams.)

The Disease: Considering your disease (your PSA, rectal exam and path report), which treatment do you feel is best for you? P R C S
“Who are you” issues: For each category choose a treatment.
General health/Age and Years at risk:       Does health limit you? P R C S
Bias: Do you have a preconceived notion of what to do? P R C S
Cure as main concern: Which do you feel has best chance of cure? P R C S
Risks are main concern:
Incontinence: Be sure to understand the different types. P R C S
Erectile function: Understand how each treatment affects it. P R C S
Short and long terms risks  related            to surgery vs. radiation. P R C S
Ease of treatment a priority: Is this important to you? P R C S
Family-friend-internet: What has your research gleaned? P R C S
Decision worksheet: Take it and put the result here. P R C S
Evaluating the negatives: Which treatment has the least negatives? P R C S
Best case scenario: Which best outcome is most appealing to you? P R C S
Worse case scenario: Which bad outcome worries you least? P R C S
What does your “gut” tell you? P R C S
Which issue above drives your decision the most? Count your treatment choice for this issue as three when figuring your tally. P R C S

As in the decision worksheet, if there is a question that you do not understand all the ramifications of, go back to that part of the book to refresh your memory or consult other resources. This cheat sheet addresses the decision question from many angles and hopefully allows you to clarify your concerns and ultimately your decision. Well, how did you do? Tally your score, and hopefully your answers have given you a clear winner. If not, you have more work to do, and that’s okay too. It took me three months to decide.

Your evaluation of “who you are”, knowledge of the specifics of your disease, and the assessment of risks vs. cure as they pertain to you, is the key to the right decision.

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