Prostate cancer widows letter to the editor

The tone of this very moving letter makes the point that you have to make it convenient for the male to get a rectal. I love the advice of “get another doctor” if the male doesn’t like the doctor or there is an impediment to the exam.

From “The Decision”

The rectal exam – The male patient doesn’t want it done and the doctor is easily persuaded not to do it.

This may sound odd to you, but sometimes you have to demand that a rectal exam be performed. A nurse that I work with in the operating room related to me that her husband, who is in his early 40s, was scheduled for a yearly company physical. She told him to be sure to have a rectal exam and a PSA test, but when he asked his doctor, he was told, “You are too young to have prostate cancer.” Upon hearing what transpired, his wife, my co-worker, said, “You go get you another doctor that will do that exam; I work with a bunch of urologists and I know what can happen with prostate cancer!”

One Reply to “Prostate cancer widows letter to the editor”

  1. It does not seem possible for a doctor to give such ridiculous advice. Can this really happen during this day on time. My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer (P.C.) at about age 44, died at age 54. We had 2 very serious battles with this disease before his death. Now my son has been diagnosed with P.C. This is very sound advice, this man must see another Doctor. My daughter, Son and I are doing our part to help inform men and family members about this disease.


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