Prostate cancer and Urology joke #2

Careful for what you wish for.

Prostate Diaries

So… a guy goes into a bar and in front of the bartender on the counter is a tiny little man playing a tiny little piano.

“That’s neat. Where did you get that little fellow?” he asks the bartender.

“There’s a Genie in the closet over there that will grant you wish,” the bartender replies.

The customer goes over to the closet and when he comes out a million ducks start falling from the sky.

“Hey, what’s up with that Genie of yours? I asked for a million bucks, not ducks,” the customer says.

“Well duh?” the bartender says. ” You think I made a wish for a 12 inch pianist?”

Someone reviewed my book on amazon and said it was unprofessional, that the drawings looked like they had been done by a child, the printing was bad, there were no statistics, that it had too many personal stories, that she could…

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Good question! Does urgency improve after radiation? Northeast Georgia Urology

Think about how Round Up works on grass. Sometimes it doesn’t kill all the grass and sometimes grass grows back where you used it.

Prostate Diaries


“John, don’t let short-term gratification out weigh long-term gain.” That’s what my mother said to me many times and that is why I am a doctor. It is however not why I am a urologist.

“Mom….this is John. I have decided to be a urologist.”

“Ye Gods John. Do you know what they do.” Priceless and why I loved my mother so. So real and uncensored. She was the best. Period!

So to the question: Will the urgency get better after radiation.

In my book I make a big point of saying that every prostate cancer patient should know what the prostatic urethra is. Do you know what it is and why it is important? The prostatic urethra goes away with a radical prostatectomy. The prostatic urethra is irritated with radiation and the reason why patients have urgency, frequency, getting up at night and not making it to the bathroom after…

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Cocaine and urology

From "101 Aphorisms, adages, and illustrations for the urological resident and nascent physician." 109. The Only Thing E.N.T. Has over Urology is Cocaine   One day in the urology clinic the intern I have previously mentioned in this book (the one that told the BS-ing older patient that he should treat his impotence by abstaining …