johnny romone, paul mccartney, my brother and prostate cancer

Why is it death seems more significant when it occurs to famous people? I said “seems.” Did you know that many physicians are nihilistic when it comes to prostate cancer? Yes…the good cancers will behave and the bad cancers are bad from the get go and will behave bad no matter what you do.

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The names of bands influenced by Johnny Ramone, look at them, and then the fact that Romone was a pseudonym for Paul McCartney is something I did not know.

Here’s the tragedy… He was diagnosed late. What I see happening often with my patients and in casual conversation with others, men and women, is that the misconception that ” prostate cancer is slow-growing and that you die with it not of it,” is something applied across the board lowering the male’s guard, and the dual nature of the disease is not taken into account.

There is a bit of danger of touting surveillance too strongly. Not the concept of surveillance per se, but the misconception of how men perceive it.  I did a post on the fellow named Squarles who had a high PSA but was not going to have a biopsy because to paraphrase, ” Let that urologist get…

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When it comes to prostate cancer, cure isn’t the only factor in the decision making process.

Prostate cancer decision making is multi-factorial. It may surprise you that “cure” is not the only thing to consider.
What’s best for the cancer may not be best for you!

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  • When you compare the survival rates at fifteen years regardless of the treatment chosen…it is about the same for all treatment choices.
  • So…if you do about the same as far as curing the cancer then one begins to really look at the side effects of the various choices and what you have to go through to have a particular treatment.
  • Surgery done with the robot takes about three hours, you stay in the hospital a day, you wear a catheter about a week.
  • Radioactive seed therapy takes about an hour and half to do, you don’t wear a catheter, and it is done as an out patient.
  • So far seed therapy is winning in terms of the procedure itself…you have seen the radioactive seed commercials haven’t you? Treatment one day and playing golf soon after. Quite the compelling argument. But let us continue might we?
  • Both removal and seeds…

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