McHugh Decision Worksheet/Cheatsheet

If you understand all the questions and their implications posed in the following two exercises you will be well on your way to making the decision best suited to you. The Worksheet begins the “narrowing down” process and the Cheatsheet gets you almost  there. Remember…the first big decision is whether to pursue treatment or active surveillance. If you elect to treat your cancer then the next big decision is ” is you for or is you agin” surgery. If you want your prostate  out then you decide between  open or robotic. If you don’t want surgery then you have to choose between either radiation (external beam or seeds), Cryosurgery, or all the other forms  of non-surgical treatments. I call them “energy based” treatments…Proton radiation, HIFU, NanoKnife etc. I hope my little method will be helpful to you in “Your journey to the Decision.”

McHugh Decision Worksheet

McHugh Decision Cheatsheet

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  1. Re. Herb, I did have SBRT at UCLA ending on Thanksgiving 2013. Large prostate gave me problems for nearly a year but avoided TURP. At 73 doing OK. Dr. Chris King the contact person. Super guy with talent. Thankfully doing OK so far per .7 PSA and good blood work done every 3 mos because of 4 way Cabbage 1996. Gleason was 4-3 before SBRT.


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