Prostate cancer 101-A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Not all prostate cancers are created equally. Not all men are created equally. Not all life situations are created equally.
So…not all prostate cancers are treated equally.
A word to the wise is sufficient.

Dr. McHugh's Real...Prostate Cancer Second Opinion

Why is it that 30,ooo or so men die of prostate cancer die yearly in the U.S.?

Could it be that men are lulled to sleep by generalizations about the prostate and then apply them “specifically” to themselves?

  • Yes some prostate cancers are slow growing…but not all are.
  • Yes some people die with their prostate cancer but not of it.
  • Yes most prostate cancers are diagnosed and the male has no voiding symptoms…
  • But…if you have prostate cancer and you have symptoms then you are too late.
  • Yes most people do not die of prostate cancer-does that mean you won’t?
  • Yes it is a “disease of old men” in general but you men die from it as well.
  • Yes do your reading, talk to friends and your doctor but don’t general impressions and half-truths guide your judgement.
  • Yes if your chances of dying of prostate cancer is a low percentage…

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