Prostate Podcasts by Dr. McHugh

Why “Who are you” matters in the prostate cancer decision making-

The prostate biopsy-

What are the specifics of your prostate cancer…huh?-

Bias and the treatment of prostate cancer-

Hormone therapy-

Men in the U.K. don’t know prostate cancer-

The “internet only patient”-

Myths and prostate cancer-

Research and prostate cancer-

What’s good for the goose may not be so good for the gander.-

Waiting on the biopsy results-

Pay me now or pay me later-

How this urologist made his decision-

Diaper Diaries-A screenplay-

The importance of voiding symptoms in the prostate decision process-

The Partin Tables and “Your” prostate cancer-

“Who are you?” factors in prostate cancer.-

Your psa is elevated…now what?

Seeing the Big picture-

Prostate cancer voiding symptoms-

Open vs. Robotic prostatectomy and the “Trifecta”-

Psa after antibiotics?-

Urge vs. stress incontinence-you’d better know which one goes with which treatment!-

Maybe you should listen to what your urologist says…

Active surveillance?-

The Free Psa-It’s usefulness-

Frank Zappa and prostate cancer-

The American Cancer Society…and statistics-

Radiation or prostate surgery first? Does it matter?-

What is the significance of the prostate capsule in your decision making-

The prostate nodule-

Terminology-Gleason score vs. differentiation-

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