“Decision” Process

  • American Cancer Society Recommendations for Early Detection of Prostate Cancer


8 Replies to ““Decision” Process”

  1. My wife is the best dancer I have ever danced with but yours was fun. Just 30 yrs ago. Look forward to seeing you sometime. Come to the SESAUA at Amelia Island



  2. Thanks for your book, it helped steer me through the minefield and enabled me to make the right decision that fitted me. I had read many books and white papers, but your clear guidance helped me pull all that information together in an analytical manner that was easy and put me on the right track. Am now recovering well from my Open Radical Prostatectomy.


  3. Dr. Michael Koch, Chair of the Urology Department of Indiana University Medical school told my wife and me that I probably had cancer, should have an immediate biopsy, and that we should meet with him as soon as possible to see which treatment options may be available. De did so solely on the basis of elevated spa. He did not tell me the causes of elevated psa and treatment options. When the biopsy was completed he told me I could get up off the table. No one assisted me. I fainted and fell to the floor. I woke up on the bare floor. there was a small sheet covering my genitals. Four women were standing around looking at me. No one took my vital signs. No one offered me a blanket or water. Dr. Koch stood behind me. I told them my hand hurt, but they discharged me with an injury that required surgery. I had to stop in a bathroom and hold on to the sing and rehydrate to make it to my car. When he called to say the biopsy of negative he prescribed a month long course of antibiotic, again without explaining the causes of elevated psa. He told me that he saw I was pasty after the biopsy and that he should not have told me to get up. He subsequently lied about that. After the antibiotic did no lower the spa, he prescribed avodart. I finally asked him about the causes of elevated spa and he told me he might not be able to answer my questions because he works 15 hours a week. He actually said that to me after he scared me into taking an unnecessary biopsy, and performed it with negligent haste.


  4. Great blog, followed for many years have left a few comments to boot.

    I am at the next stage of Decision Making. Early Reoccurrence after Prostatectomy and Radiation, almost 10 years out. 62 years old. Oncology date scheduled for April. Can you offer reading material in preparation for this next adventure. I’ve scoured the internet but always searching for the latest trials and current thoughts regarding this illusive disease.


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