4 Replies to “If you remove the prostate you are cured right? Wrong…well maybe.”

  1. My husband starts his radiation therapy on Monday 2nd Dec. his tumour is graded T3. Gleason score of 8, PSA 5.9. He is happy with his decision but i cant help feeling his cancer will come back to bite him. If he were to have the op and cancer returned he would have other treatment options but with IMRT if cancer returns surgery wouldnt be easy because of damage caused by radiation. I feel he has a choice of frying pan or fire but wish he would opt for surgery. Unfortunately its not my decision to make and im apprehensive about what lies ahead – for us both.


  2. Does he feel he made the right decision – now?? I elected for removal based on input from numerous family members and friends – Cancer in the body/get rid of it. My decision seemed like it was the right one, because the Surgical Biopsy Results came back with a higher grade cancer than the initial Biopsy showed..


  3. I was 50 when diagnosed with prostate cancer (PSA of 7, doc felt a lump at the DRE, Gleason 3+4, stage T2a). I decided to have surgery. The PSA came back to 0.18 a year later. I had radiation (39 treatments). It went down but this past April on the 4th year follow up, the PSA is back up to 0.25. Now I don’t know what to do. ADT looks awful. I have been greatly enjoying my new “dry climax” sex life. I don’t want to lose that but I would rather live soft than die hard. Are there other options besides ADT for when the first two major lines of treatment have basically failed?
    ~~Paul C (Decatur GA)


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