Jack B.

I read this truly excellent book about 10 months ago, but didn’t feel compelled to review it until another reviewer was critical of its production values. Though the book’s exterior and art production are less than perfect, its invaluable content makes all such considerations pale. This is a priceless, non-proselytizing, first-person revelation of what a practicing urologist did after he received word that his prostate biopsy was positive. What more could any individual in a similar predicament ask? Simply put, this book provides an illuminating road map for any man faced with making the often life-changing decisions required when one is battling prostate cancer. Along with Dr. McHugh’s book, I would also suggest to all prostate cancer patients the individual books by Doctors Walsh, Scardino, Katz, and Chodak. Ideally, one should digest all these volumes before any firm decision is reached. I would also urge avoidance of the massively misleading internet — at least until these books are well understood, though that, I realize, is probably asking too much. And, most of all, each man must take sufficient time to knowledgeably make his own right decision; second chances are rare.