An Icehouse and bud light- the perfect urine

When we came up with idea of the doctor as a patient illustrated by  a doctor with the tubing coming out of a lab jacket and into a bedside bed, the issue then became how to make the fluid look like urine. The photographer Travis Massey suggested apple juice, ” Just bring the bag. I’ll fill it up when you get here.” He filled it to full capacity in order to get some of the apple juice into the bag and the tubing. This in turn made the bag much too full and prompted several funny remarks from people that saw the picture.”Man, John. You must have had a real full bladder.” “You must have really needed to go!” Placing the bag in the foreground further made the bag look big and full. Several weeks later at 7 am., and prior to surgery one morning, I went over to Travis’s studio and in his parking lot filled a second bag with one can of Icehouse beer and one can of Bud Light. We did not worry about the tubing this time and only filled the bag half full;  better representing a  more real situation. This is the bag that is on the cover of the book. Travis took pictures of the new bag on an associate and then pasted it onto the original picture you see here for the final outcome. If you are wondering why the beer looks so much like urine, it goes back to the addage,” You don’t buy beer, you rent it.”


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