the sheep lie

Really Dig Sex? Not A Good Sign, As Far As Prostate Cancer Goes

January 22nd, 2010 at 5:08 pm by Nick Mattos · No Comments

CB013881OH NO!!! A group of British researchers have discovered that men who have frequent sex in their twenties and thirties are at a greater risk of developing prostate cancer later in life – second only to young men who masturbate frequently. DOOMED, I TELL YOU!! DOOMED!!!

The study, headed up by the marvelously named Dr. Polyxeni Dimitropoulou of the University of Cambridge, defined “frequent sex” as more than twenty times in a month. Since prostate cancer is known to be associated with male hormone levels, the researchers used frequency of sex as a proxy, assuming that those stallions have had higher hormone levels driving the urge – and making them more prone to prostate cancer.

“Overall we found a significant association between prostate cancer and sexual activity in a man’s twenties and between masturbation and prostate cancer in the twenties and thirties,” said Dimitropoulou. “However there was no significant association between sexual activity and prostate cancer in a man’s forties.” The researchers also  found that men with prostate cancer later in life had been in the “highest frequency groups in each decade when it came to sexual activity” including both intercourse and masturbation. This was most pronounced in men who “were also more likely to masturbate frequently than men in the control group, with the greatest difference in the twenties and thirties.”

One could say that those men are… screwed. *ba-dum ching!*

My thoughts

That old joke about the reporter asking the farmer if she could interview his talking animals. He said yes and the reporter went about speaking to all the farm animals. When she came back she told the farmer that she had enjoyed the experience and particularly her discussion with the sheep. The farmer quickly said,”The sheep lie.”

These silly studies about sex and prostate cancer grab your attention, are somewhat interesting to read but are irrelevant. Men lie about this stuff anyway. I can just hear the fortyish year old man telling the female graduate student when asked how often did you have sex when you were twenty? “Oh, maybe twenty or so times a month.” Just like the farmer’s sheep, men lie about that stuff in the first place and secondly how will this information change anything. Is the male to be less sexually active in hopes that he doesn’t get prostate cancer. Fun maybe interesting to read, irrelevant in its significance to prostate cancer.

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