Prostate cancer and press releases revealed

Patient Friendly Book Simplifies Prostate Cancer Treatment Choices. “The Decision:Your Prostate Biopsy Shows Cancer. Now What?” By John C. McHugh M.D. A Urologist and Prostate Cancer Survivor.

A “urologist with his own disease” uses medical insight, personal experience, and humor in a novel fashion to guide the prostate cancer patient in making a treatment choice that is “customized to him.” Featuring the McHugh Decision Worksheet. 
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GAINESVILLE, GA, February 16, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ — Over 200,000 times a year a patient will leave his urologist’s office having been told he has prostate cancer. What the patient thought to be a disease of old men from which they do not die, now presents a very complicated and frustrating dilemma about what treatment to pursue. The newly diagnosed prostate cancer patient does not need a definitive text book on prostate cancer; rather, he needs to know what is pertinent and specific to him in making a decision on how to treat it. The Decision offers the reader an insider’s view to the key issues necessary for a well thought out treatment plan that is unique to him. Drawing upon his experience in treating prostate cancer for over twenty years, as well as having been through the decision making and treatment process as patient himself uniquely qualifies the author as a mentor to the reader. His book outlines a novel and multi-faceted approach to aid the newly diagnosed prostate cancer patient in making his “Decision.”

Dr. McHugh’s ground-breaking decision method utilizing the “McHugh Decision Worksheet” and “Who are you factors” delineate an approach to the prostate cancer decision which simplifies this undaunting task. Meshing the specifics of the each patient’s cancer, the evaluation of the risks as they apply to him, and the “who are you factors”, the “Decision” guides the patient in making the right decision for the right reasons and specific to him.

Dr. McHugh is a practicing urologist in Gainesville, Georgia. “The Decision” aids the newly diagnosed prostate cancer patient in making a treatment choice which is specific to his circumstances and from the perspective of someone who treats the disease and has had it himself. The book is available through the website: and

Looks like a real press release and that some higher power that be in the media somewhere found what I wrote in my book as newsworthy and then distributed it to news outlets, right? Well kinda. I wrote it, and paid $49 to have it distributed. I had a lot of fun yesterday seeing it printed on numerous websites that deal with prostate cancer. What each site would do is run the PR(that’s what we in the industry call it) and then on that page run ads that have been purchased about prostate cancer. It is quite the racquet. More later.

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