PSA, prostate cancer screening and Pepe the prostate-new spokeperson for Mr. PSA

Pepe the prostate


Interview with Mr. PSA- Part Two 

Dr. McHugh: “Welcome back. I am with Mr. PSA and his pseudonym Pepe the prostate. How are you tonight and again thanks for being here with us to shed some light on the dilemma that is PSA and prostate cancer.” 

Mr. PSA: “Thank you, again it is good to be here. There has been a lot of misguided press since I was here just 24 hours ago. I think my thoughts and insight into this issue will be helpful.” 

Dr. McHugh: “This logo of yours. What is that about?  It looks like a child did it. Some sort of Zeus character? Are those lightning bolts coming from your head? I’m sorry. Is this really sending the message you want to get out there?” 

Mr. PSA:  “Okay, the lightning bolts are the seminal vesicles. They represent my ears. The little things that look like legs are the vas deferens, and the shoes are well… they are testicles. Clever huh? I am very pleased with my logo. You have to be somewhat into prostate cancer and the prostate to get it. The fact that you did not get it speaks volumes about you and your inadequacy to do this interview. Just kidding, kinda. Now what else do you have for me?” 

Dr. McHugh: “I am a urologist my friend. I get it. I am talking about the public. The guy that has been recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. Are you over his head with your little interpretation of a prostate? And anyway, what is the prostate cancer connection?” 

Mr. PSA: “You remember Pepe le Pew don’t you. The romantic skunk with a French voice and high libido? The prostate  has testosterone in it, it converts testosterone. That’s how proscar works. Anyway it all ties in, it puts a face on the PSA so that folks will be more sensitive about putting me down.” 

Dr. McHugh: “What are your ,thoughts on the AUA response to the ACS remarks about you? You align yourself politically more with the AUA than with the ACS don’t you? Is that a fair statement?” 

Mr. PSA: “Of course I lean more toward the AUA, this is an organization that represents practicing urologists, the guys out in the field actually doing the day to day work in prostate cancer. What I found interesting about their response was that they said in one paragraph that they appreciated and supported (not agreed) the ACS statement, then in the next made the point that proceeding to a biopsy was a multifactorial process that included the patient, me, my density as it applies to the size of the prostate, my free value,the age of the patient, the health of the patient, the change over time of me and on and on. What came to mind is your book, “The Decision,” you address the relevant factors that go into making the “decision.” Its a complicated situation. 

Dr. McHugh: “Thanks for plug. I personally have been a big fan of yours and I feel that everybody needs to remember, hey, “don’t just throw the baby out with the bath water.” I think you are still relevant. I really do.”  You mentioned that one of the factors mentioned by the AUA was a free PSA. Have you gone generic? What is the free about?” 

To be continued….

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