regarding prostate cancer it is better to cure at the beginning rather than at the end

This was off a post on twitter- Simple to the point and I feel makes sense. What is right recipe for early detection? Awareness and reasonable screening as a team effort of the patient and doctor. I examined a 65-year-old man this week with a very large prostate nodule that came back on biopsy high-grade, high volume prostate cancer. This is the situation we are trying to avoid by awareness and screening. Pure and simple.
March 28th, 2010 |

You did the wise thing. Even though you were experiencing no prostate cancer symptoms you made an appointment for the screening bit. Just like your father before you. Even though he too had none of the prostate cancer warning signs yet had developed the disease. Truth is, for most of us red blooded types prostate health just is not high on the list of stuff to worry about. At least not in comparison with important things like the weekend sports results, right? Now many have no trouble with the blood draw. However the DRE? The best which can be said about it is that it is over with quickly. Now if your results come back clean you are set. Otherwise you can expect a round of confirming lab tests and possibly a biopsy to confirm if you have and the stage of your prostate cancer. Nonetheless early diagnosis is the key. So do what is right. Get screened.

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