regarding prostate cancer…this is poignant– as my mother would say, ” john, a word to the wise is sufficient”


For something like this to happen to someone you love and depend on, when it possibly could have been prevented or detected much earlier, I think we would all agree would be tragic. What a beautiful and unselfish person he must be. My ancestry is from Ireland you know. 

Doup Gray: April 2009 

Love your prostate website 

Doug Gray: April 2009 

Dear Visitor, 

Thank you for visiting this site. My name is Doug Gray and I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in January 2009, but unfortunately too late to be cured. 

Doug Gray: April 2009 

Once I recovered from the devastating news, I asked myself why was I not aware of the early signs and risks of prostate cancer, especially as I considered myself reasonably well informed and of average intelligence. 

After some research the answers became very clear, to such an extent that if I knew 2 years ago what I know now I would not be on Cancer’s death row awaiting departure, at the relatively young age of 62. 

In the time I have remaining, I have tasked myself with the goal of providing greater awareness of prostate cancer so that as many men as possible do not find themselves in my situation. 

To help meet this goal, it would be greatly appreciated if you could READ the information contained in the sections below and then ACT as requested in the “What to do next” section. 




The Arguments “For and Against” National Screening 

The Male Reproductive System 

What to do next 

Your ACTION could save your life, that of family members, friends, colleagues or men you do not know, so please ACT NOW. 

Thank You in anticipation of your support 

Yours sincerely

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