the vicisstudes of prostate cancer blogging-is anybody out there?


I started doing this blog thing about two months ago. Early on, I subscribed my daughter Bess to it without her knowledge or permission although afterwards she said she did not mind. Since then she will say in front of my wife that she saw the blog and the “neat” picture of penelope for that day(Bess is the one in the Mustang a few weeks back). It is as if she and I now have an inside joke together or that we are communicating  and leaving my wife out of it. It has been fun. I check it several times a day to see if the numbers of hits have increased and also how what I created looks for that particular day. I enjoy finding interesting things to put on there with some tie in to the prostate cancer journey. I have learned from it and I think I am a better informed urologist because of it. I definitely  have a better feel for the “patient side” of this prostate journey is. (People are more candid  on the internet, as if they can be honest and not be seen. Invisible but revealing to the reader.)

So the other day Bess hands me the cartoon above with a smirk and says,”I found something that made me think of you, something you might enjoy.” What is going on in the cartoon?

Well…….Jon has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer and is writing about it on a blog…and Garflied is sarcastically making the point that no one cares and that what Jon is writing is boring.  The truth does hurt.

What do you think. Jon is a dull optimist? He’s commenting about prostate cancer screening and awareness and no one is listening?

7 Replies to “the vicisstudes of prostate cancer blogging-is anybody out there?”

  1. Dr. McHugh,
    Like the gentleman above, I also read your posts via email. My husband is a 2 year prostace cancer survivor and I find your posts very valuable. Also love the shots of your handsome doggies.


  2. Dear Dr. McHugh – I love your blog and read it every day.
    You have really encouranged me. When my husband was first diagnosed, I thought I would go crazy from anxiety. All I could think about was prostate cancer and the endless (and frightening) possibilities. I even “thought” about it when I was sleeping.

    In one of your blogs, you mentioned how you had to learn that life goes on. That really gave me pause. I started to realize that I was wasting today worrying about tomorrow. I reasoned that for now, my husband was healthy, he wasn’t in pain, he wasn’t hospitalized, and we could still do things together.

    So I decided to enjoy our time together. Just give all the love I can give and be happy for what I have. I realized that even if I could cure his cancer, that was still no guarantee that we would have “x” number of years together. We could be out driving and get killed in an automobile accident.

    So I thank you for your insight. You have helped me a great deal.



  3. I’m just getting into this as my surgery is scheduled for 19th of May. You are giving me many insights as of what to expect from that point on. Thanks, Joe


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