I found it! Iceberg feinberg it’s all the same to me…could this be true for prostate cancer treatments?

sunrise from hospital parking lot on a "surgery" morning by iphone

The thing about this picture is that I had to pause and turn around to see it. I park in the visitors part on the third floor of this four floor deck, the top is the fourth. The first floor is for the physicians but its entrance more cumbersome to get to than the visitors and the physicians lot requires stopping and swiping a badge. I can get in and get out much more efficiently my way. (I have a system for every thing I do at the hospital. I get my scrub hat out of a supply room that is near the back of the O.R. thus bypassing all the people and hullaballoo in the central processing area, I have many times done a surgery and no one other than the staff in the actual room every saw me.) Anyway… as you come up to the top floor of the deck, I use the stairs not the elevator-Its all about control, you enter the deck and turn right, or west toward the hospital and away from the sunrise. On this morning, a hint of the glory of the sky was in a reflection of the hospitals facade. The colors are what stopped me. I was late, as always, and I really needed to get to the supply room. I stop and turn around, as I do, several people , nurses and doctors rush by me. I get out the ole iphone and take this picture. The feathering of the clouds and the colors reminded me of evening fishing on the Chattahoochee ( I’ll put one of those shots up.) As I was mesmerized, a doctor friend of mine comes rushing by. “Did you see this? I asked. “What.” ” The sky, look at this.”  ” Wow!” he said. We both looked for a few more seconds, and then bounded in.

I bet it’s been twenty years since I have heard this joke. I had forgotten the story but had always remembered the punchline. The punch line just works so well for so many things. ” Which shoes look better, Where do you want to eat, Do you want to leave tonight or in the morning?” Man…all the options for the treatment of prostate cancer. If you took them all and put them in a pan (wait, is that a song or nursery rime?) aand shook them up and threw in all the stuff a bout who you are and some bad and good luck that is life, stuck your hand in there and picked on, would everyone do about the same? Or…you look into the pan and decided not to stick your hand in their and look at the stuff very closely but don’t choose ( active surveillance). Oh that the prostate was a gallbladder. From “The Decision.”

A Chinese guy and a Jewish guy are drinking in a bar. Halfway through the night the Jewish guy clocks the Chinese guy who says, “What was that for?” “Pearl Harbor” “That was the Japanese.” “Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, all the same.” They keep drinking until the Chinese guy punches the Jewish guy who says “Oy, what was that for?” “The Titanic” “That was an iceberg” “Iceberg, Goldberg, Feinberg, it’s all the same.

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