The throck-morton sign and your urologist and prostate cancer

a left sided " throck-morton"

Do you know what a ” throck-morton” is in urology? Just for fun, those of you having to visit your urologist for prostate cancer concern, ask your urologist what it is? I bet he knows, it is well-known phrase in urologic circles.

A KUB x-ray (Kidney Ureter Bladder) is commonly done by urologists looking for kidney stones. More often than not at the very bottom of the x-ray, if it’s a male, a shadow of the males, well you know what I am suggesting , is seen. This particular organ is either positioned to the left or the right, never in the center. The fact that it is either left or right is the ” throck-morton” sign.

I have a thousand throck-morton signs that apply to all sorts of things, I may list them one day, all M.D.’s have them in their arsenal of conversation. We can say them and then all the other doc’s understand it and the situation to which it applies. ” 5% of the patients have 95% of the diseases” is one. “Call me if you need me but it’s a sign of weakness” comes to mind.

Okay. On the throck-morton. On a KUB x-ray, if the organ of record to which I refer hangs to the left… the pathology or in this case the kidney stone is on the left. If the “thing” hangs to the right the stone is on the right. The throck-morton is right 50% of the time.

If the organ is on the right and the stone is on the right that’s a ” positive throck-morton.” You get the drift.

Now in terms of the Pepsi up above. One might think that she is just tongue- dragging tired from chasing sticks in the river for three hours this past Sat afternoon. No, that is not it at all. I think that the tongue on the left tells me that she knows that I am going to throw the stick to the left.

Or, is she using some type of self fullfilling phrophsey and that she is actually guiding me to throw the stick in a particular way…….

I just thought the tongue reminded me of the T-M and I thought you might find that interesting and something you could talk to your urologist about. Try it… you might be surprised .. it just might open him or her up to a more personable conversation…. and that is important in all this also.


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