katie couric… I feel your pain… a guy with prostate cancer now has to do the other evaluation that every man hates….colonoscopy… I’d have a rectal exam any day!

salt and pepper...best friends

Colon cancer?…Prostate cancer?….. the check up for prostate cancer is sooooooo much easier.

Tomorrow I have my second colonoscopy that will be done with one of my best friends.

So…a rectal exam and a PSA versus colonoscopy.

Have you had to fast with liquids only all day and then the “cathartic stuff” just to get ready for the exam? Nothing to eat all day solid, sipping on beef broth and all the while working…was tough for me my friend today, three lithotripsies, fifteen patients all the while hungry. Once every five years….I guess I can do that. Really… a rectal and a blood test is a piece of cake to this….excuse me let me ……..I’ll be back after…. Okay I’m back….. is nothing to just showing up and having your prostate checked. Katie Couric you have a harder sell than me and other prostate cancer awareness types. As well… it points out the point how easy it is to just ” get checked” and be done with the issue of prostate cancer.


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