Of prostate cancer, post treatment ED, worms, Larry Munson, and a joke.

like paddling a canoe with a shoestring

This is a picture of one of my sons when I lived in Augusta, Georgia in the early eighties. He is in a little garden I had behind our house on Ellis Street. I have always had a garden and have always had ” home-grown” tomatoes in the summer. ” Ain’t nothing like em.” It was in this garden working on some fall plants that I heard a famous “Munson” saying. I was listening to the Ga-Auburn game the year that the Sugar bowl was on the line. If Georgia wins they go, if they lose they stay home in the post season. Georgia was losing  but pulled the game out at the last second with a pass to the corner of the end zone. It was here that Larry Munson made one of his famous calls, ” It’s raining Sugar.” I heard it in the garden pictured above on my radio, in my old Sigma Nu jacket, in Augusta, Georgia and at the time I realized it was one of those moments and that the comment would be on his greatest hits.

But I digress. The reason I have the picture has to do with post prostatectomy erectile dysfunction and a joke a patient told me.

An old man and his grandson are in the garden. The grandson finds a worm and is playing with it. The grandfather digs a narrow hole and says, ” Billy, if you can find a way to put that worm straight down in that hole, I’ll give you fifty dollars.”

The grandson begins trying but because of all the expected wiggling a worm would naturally do, his efforts are initially thwarted. The grandfather goes about his work, but in about five minutes the grandson calls him over. To the grandfather’s surprise, the grandson takes the worm, now stiff and as straight as an arrow, easily places the worm into the hole.

” How in the world did you do that Billy?”

“I got some of grandma’s hairspray and sprayed it all over it,” he said proudly.

About a week later the grandfather and the grandson are in the yard and the grandfather says,” Billy here is the fifty dollars I owe you.”

Billy says, “Grandpa, that’s Okay, I don’t want that money from you.”

The grandfather says, ” It’s not from me. It is from your grandmother

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