How a urologist decided what to do after being told he had prostate cancer.

her got her lampshade so she won't lick her surgery site and stiches...this won't last long.

Factors that a urologist with prostate cancer used to make his ” Decision.”

I am not advising that you make the decision I did. (That is the difference between this book and many others about prostate cancer.) I am advising that you make your decision the way that I did. It has to be done based on things and factors specific to only you. I know, I know, I am a surgeon and you think I am biased toward surgery. Well, you are wrong. I am biased toward surgery in a certain subset of the prostate cancer patients, namely someone with the ” who are you” factors similiar to mine, but not regarding the management of prostate cancer across the board.

I do not have ” a dog in this fight.”  Use my system and McHugh Decision Cheat-sheat to help you clarify your decision and share with others to help them.

And as always with any decision you make in regards to anything medical…you always have the option of “doing nothing.”

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