sexual function aftermath of the treatment of prostate cancer-it’s complicated

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This link has a lot of good things and then a lot of incorrect statements about prostate cancer and the sexual aftermath of the treatment of prostate cancer. Be that as it may…it too enhances awareness and discussion and that is good. Can you find factual errors in the piece? If so put in a comment. (I’ll go first… I am not aware of a post-prostatectomy complication that would shorten the penis as described in this article.)

Jo An Baldwin Peter’s online sexual survey addresses several of the issues mentioned here. Her survey is seen as an informative link on this site and I am sure she’d appreciate you taking the survey.

Now…about fellatio post-op in the hospital bed with a catheter still in? Don’t know about that…..”don’t think I’d told that brother!” I thought the following story from my book was an ” energized and proactive penile rehabilitation patient,” but I think this takes the cake.

From the ” Decision”

I performed a prostatectomy on a 53-year-old patient for whom sexual function was very important. I had made clear to him on numerous occasions that he could possibly be impotent after the surgery. I actually was trying to talk him out of me doing his surgery because he was a friend, and I knew how important his sex life was to him. I did not want the baggage of any post-operative sexual issues, influencing our friendship. He made clear to me that, although sexual function was very important to him, he felt that because of his young age, the need to have the prostate removed was more important. The evening after his surgery I stopped by his room to check on him. His first question was, “How much blood did I lose?” His second question was, “Can you bring by a sample of one of those sex pills tomorrow morning? I want to see if I have any function.” The next morning as requested I brought him a sample of one the popular brands of “sex pills,” and, as it turned out, he was doing well and went home that day. I called him at home that evening to see how things were going. “John, I took that pill you gave me, I think I am going to be alright, I have already had an erection.” When I say the issue of erectile function is very important to some, this is what I mean.

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  1. As described in my research 3 men complained of a decreas in the size of their penis’s, however, many more of their partners noticed the size change. Now I know what your question will be. Yes before errection that is the resting penis.


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