Well…dahhhhhhhh. Breasts vs. prostate cancer.

the tree exposed most to the wind has the strongest wood
Men prefer large breasts to enlarged prostates.


A new study has indicated that despite 1 in 6 men being diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetimes, men know less about how to monitor and prevent this condition than they know about what women should do to protect themselves from breast cancer.

Dr. Cason, who conducted the research, put this down to a number of factors. “Firstly, men seem to be generally more interested in breasts than prostates,” he observed. “When shown a set of slides, men demonstrated a marked preference for large breasts vs. enlarged prostates, and expressed much more interest in a model demonstrating a breast exam than a male nurse demonstrating a prostate exam.

When filling in questionnaires, 24 out of the 25 men said they would willingly assist a female friend or spouse to examine her breasts and 15 reported having done so in the last month. By contrast, only 1 out of the 25 reported a willingness to help a male friend examine his prostate. Out of the 25 men, 24 also reported owning or having owned breast orientated artwork, posters or magazines. Again, only one subject admitted to possessing prostate orientated material of an equivalent nature. “That was an interesting fellow” observed Dr. Cason gravely.

Secondly, familiarity with breasts vs. prostates seems to be a factor. “Breasts are far easier to view casually than prostates” observed Dr. Cason, “A great deal of clothing is designed to accentuate the breasts, while there has not been a single item of clothing designed to draw attention to the prostate since Pre-Revolutionary France.” Of the 25 men, 22 expressed dire confusion when shown pictures of the prostate and only 14 were able to correctly describe its location. 5 participants believed it was part of the brain and 3 claimed that they had had theirs removed in their early teens. “I believe they were confusing the prostate with their tonsils” suggested Dr. Cason.

“The distressing thing is that prostate cancer is something men need to be aware of. Detecting prostate cancer early dramatically increases chances of recovery, but detection depends on regular testing. The most treatable early stages seldom show symptoms.”

The Prostate Cancer Foundation shares Dr. Cason’s concerns and hopes that as many men as possible will join the “Grow Your MO'” campaign. When asked if he would be growing a Mo’ for September, Dr. Cason admitted to putting aside 40mins a day for mental preparation. “When that bad boy grows in, I am going to need a stick to beat the women off me!” he said, as he high-fived the Grow Your MO’ correspondent.



Not everyone who is awesome has a moustache, but everyone who has a moustache is awesome.
– Plato

One Reply to “Well…dahhhhhhhh. Breasts vs. prostate cancer.”

  1. I’d like to see a digitally incompetent male examine another man’s prostate!!! Sorry I cant stop laughing as the mental picture is wild. Perhaps the person who thought it was part of the brain has the best chance to examine the prostate!!!


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