Rush Limbaugh says pink shoes are about increasing the NFL’s women audience… and raising money for breast cancer. Women, the only majority that is a minority?

if you can keep your head up when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you...kipling

Limbaugh on the NFL’s Pink and Breast Cancer Awareness. His theory does explain the question about why no Prostate cancer blue month  in the NFL.

My interest in this “Pink stuff” is more about how it is affecting performance of the athletes. If you have ever played or are a big fan of sports you know very well the importance of rituals and superstitions and doing everything exactly the way that has worked. Again, it is breathtaking to think you’d have a kicker change a shoe, regardless of color, I mean just changing the shoe is risky. Mickey Mantle had “his” bat made for him by a  particular company and a particular cut of wood. ( Tarred just right.) In time there will be a discussion of this and it will be fun to  watch.

Ever noticed that pitchers when they walk off the field make a point not to step on the chalk line on the way back to the dugout? Hmmmmmmmmm?

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