Can you get cancer if you have sex with a man who has prostate cancer?

it is amazing what can be accomplished if it doesn't matter who gets the credit


So…A dream I had as a child was a pool with a lap lane. I love to swim and when I  was younger , I was actually quite the swimmer. I rarely lost a race in any stroke. There was a boy in Columbus, Georgia who regularly beat me…but no one else. I ruled the swimming world when I was eight in Columbus, Georgia. I remember winning every event in every stroke at the Green Island Country Club on a day when there was a total eclipse. We were swimming and at the same time looking at these tin foil card board boxes that allowed one to see the eclipse without looking directly into the sun. I remember it as if it were yesterday.

So, I get to be a doctor, I chose to be a urologist and then with some success, I get to build a new house with a swimming pool with a lap lane. My dream come true…right? Well…. what if the pool turns out to look like a penis? What?  All these years and hopes and dreams and a pool that looks like a penis?  Tell me it isn’t so.

It was. A regular oblong pool with a lap lane looks like a penis and a scrotum.  We also had two dachshunds and so I became the urologist with a dick pool and two weinner dogs. Who’d thought? My kids got ribbed about it all the time. I thought I was successful but now this?

I will say I love my pool. I love my chocolate lab chasing balls and sticks in it. I love taking pictures of her chasing balls and sticks in it and swimming in it. I absolutely love my lab in the pool.

Now the question. Can a man with prostate cancer “spread something” to his wife by having sex?


So….good try girls….be more creative next time…you are not getting out of it for this reason or this time…………….have at it.

Guys…You are welcome….no charge.

One Reply to “Can you get cancer if you have sex with a man who has prostate cancer?”

  1. You don’t know that there is no communicability of prostate cancer cells. There are many instances of cancers being spread by virus-like antigens; leukemias, cervical cancers– and there are some indications that a retrovirus may be involved with prostate cancer. In 2006, researchers associated a previously unknown retrovirus, Xenotropic MuLV-related virus or XMRV, with human prostate tumors. This retrovirus may very well travel between human beings.
    That there are no direct links discovered as yet between prostate cancer patients and cancers found in their sexual partners certainly does not preclude those links ever being found. Your flippant dismissal of the legitimate fears of communicability (i.e. “so, good try girls” etc.) are insulting to women who are caught in this terrible situation with the men they love.
    Shame on you.


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