The Lockerbie bomber, Gaddafi, oil, hillary and obama and what? Prostate cancer

oh what men do, what men dare do, what men do daily not knowing what they do......

Remember the uproar of the doctors missing the timing of the Lockerbie bomber and he  was released to Libya  to die in a predicted three months? No one at the time could figure out why such a missed diagnosis and what pressures Libya could possibly bring to bear on his captors to gain his release?

Well…I was wondering why the U.S. is in Libya  now. It seems to me Gaddafi had been behaving himself…I seem to remember him offering to stop his nuclear program and agreed to inspections. He had been relatively quite.

Sec. of Defense Gates said Libya did not pose a “security risk or risk to our interests.” Why do Hillary and Obama want us there?

We learned that the French and Britain did feel there was a “risk to the national interest” and encouraged Mrs. Clinton to participate in the coalition to aid the protestors in Libya. Who are the protestors, the rebels? What will that government be like? And on and on. I don’t remember reading much about Libya over the last several months or that it was a problem for us. It all came up all of a sudden.

Then we learn where it is that a lot of the oil comes from for Europe. You guessed it … Libya. Everything has been in a shroud on this subject…it has been odd. Are we at war? The U.S. has been so polite….to France, ” No no, you go first and led.” ” No, NATO, you be in charge.”

So back to the Lockerbie Bomber….He was released with what must have been a bogus death warrant because of …oil. Wonder where he is now? Is he safe? Would he be considered pro-government or on the side of the rebels? Does it matter?

The Lockerbie Bomber was a foreboding of what was to come to Libya and Gaddafi.

 The very resource that he leveraged over the years to wield and maintain power now has become the excuse for others to promote and support his downfall. Maybe…..he hasn’t thrown in the towel yet.  Strange thing these politics.

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