Prostate cancer question for Prostate Diaries: Can you have sex the morning of a prostate biopsy?

i can tell you a lot about you by knowing who you love.....

Had to get that “moustache dreadful picture of my hair off the main page of the previous post. A nurse of mine asked,” Are those plugs?”

The answer to the question posed above: Drum roll please……

  • Yes you can have sex the morning of a prostate biopsy
  • Yes sex before a PSA will make it higher
  • No a rectal exam won’t make the PSA higher
  • Yes you can have sex after a biopsy
  • No it won’t hurt your wife
  • Yes there will be blood, to what degree varies
  • Yes, when the color of the semen turns rusty looking (old blood and iron) it is about to stop
  • No, repeated biopsies of the prostate hurt it or “make it leak”
  • Yes…to all the wifes out there….good try on another reason to postpone sex but having had prostate biopsy isn’t one of them….no extra charge to all the men out there

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