CNN and Vasectomy March Madness at Northeast Georgia Urological Associates Gainesville, Georgia.

CNN visits Dr. John McHugh’s Urology practice for a Health Minute on March Madness and Vasectomies. The scene with the patient pretending that he is hurting actually occured minutes after the vasectomy. Vasectomies are customarily performed on a Friday so that the patient has the weekend to recover prior to returning to work on Monday. So, it stands to reason that having a vasectomy prior to a big sporting event, regardless of the sport, is a good time to “tie the knot” the second time.

CNN’s Health Minute Comes to Northeast Georgia Urological Associates for Vasectomy Madness/March Madness- Click here to watch!

Having a vasectomy a round about form of “Prostate cancer screening?”

2 Replies to “CNN and Vasectomy March Madness at Northeast Georgia Urological Associates Gainesville, Georgia.”

  1. “The failure rate for a vasectomy is less than one percent. But your vasectomy is no immediate guarantee against pregnancy because of the sperm stored above the part where the vas deferens was cut. Thus, your physician will want to test your ejaculate for sperm. Generally, in most men the semen becomes sperm-free after eight to 10 ejaculations following the vasectomy. Until your physician has determined that your ejaculate does not contain sperm, you should continue to use contraception,” said Dr. David E. Larson, editor-in-chief of the “Mayo Clinic Family Health Book.”


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