Prostate Cancer Blog Prostate Diaries Tops 60,000 Views! It must be the dog pictures.

my hypocrisy will go only so far...


The things people search for (it is often a question that comes up “after” they have been diagnosed or treated for prostate cancer) that got them to this  blog. This also provides for me a subject matter or topic for that day’s post. “Like taking candy from a baby.” Thanks to all for your support.

prostate cancer diaries 561
prostate diaries 251
frank zappa prostate cancer 146
partin tables 2010 117
bill clinton cancer 85
prostate vs breast cancer 83
famous men with prostate cancer 73 73
elevated psa biopsy 71
famous prostate cancer sufferers 71
prostate cartoons 67
prostate nerves 67
prostate nodule 62
frank zappa cancer 60
alberto sabatino 59
prostate spasm 55
richard albin psa 55
nanoknife prostate 55
prostate nodule biopsy 49
prostate cancer 44
prostate biopsy experience 42
prostate biopsy 41

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