Phrases people search on google about prostate cancer that end up on prostate diaries week ending 4/09

actions speak louder than words....just not as often.....M. Twain
The picture is of our cat Annie, the night before she died of renal failure.The search phrases are from the week prior to today- and an “insider’s look” at what gets people to a particular blog.

Lockerbie Plane crash



prostate diaries 9
famous men with prostate cancer 7
nanoknife 6
marias river 5
cnn and dr mchugh 5
nanoknife prostate 5
hormone refractory prostate cancer life expectancy 4
prostate nodule biopsy 4
famous people who died of prostate cancer 3
vasectomy 3
can i have sex after prostate biopsy 3
refuse prostate exam 3
prostate biopsy 3
newly diagnosed prostate cancer patient stories 3
frank zappa prostate 3
can you get cancer if you have sex with a man who has prostate cancer? 3
cnn and dr mchugh video 3
european male cartoon 3
2011 new natural prostate biopsy procedures in canada 3
prostate cancer radiation “bladder spasm” 3
prostate cancer nanoknife 2
cabazitaxel trial st john of gods 2
man gets vasectomy cnn 2
meriwether lewis grave 2
whats the best prostate treatment hospital in ontario 2
prostate spasms 2
bladder spasms and sore throat 2
dr. john mchugh 2
prostate apples 2
psa becomes elevated but biopsy are normal with no precoursers 2
my experiences with proton therapy for prostate cancer 2
seattle prostate institute is terrible 2
da vinci robot, veterans 2
do urologists recommend active surveillance 2
prostate cancer radiation treatment in palm beach gardens 2
did dennis hopper have his prostate removed 2
zappa- cancer 2
prostate cancer percentage of people choosing radiotherapy or surgery 2
prostate nodule 2
vasectomy cnn 2
what’s new in prostate needle biopsies and staging 2
prostate biopsy painful 2
cipro after prostatectomy 2
dr. mchugh finding cancer on second biopsy 2
urology jokes humor 2
radiotherapy and prostate cancer gold seeds 2
marias and missouri river 2
diaper waddle my husband. 2
obstructive voiding 2
high psa and cipro 2
prostascint nccn 2
at age 58 having radical prostatectomy will i have permanent ed 2
management of high psa after a negative biopsy 2
mork and mindy nano nano 2
nano knife prostate 2
elevated psa prostate biopsy 2
prostate diaper 2
anatomical prostate 2
are multiple biopsies common with elevated psa 2
how to ware a catheder 2
bob taylor prostate treatment 2
can i get cancer if i have sex with my husband with prostrate cancer 2
large obstructive prostate 2
nanoknife surgery for prostate 2
lighting one candle with another candle 2
what does a urologist fo got ptostate cancerh 2
frank zappa and prostate cancer 2
how does a urologist determine how many cores to take for a biopsy 2
предстательная железа 2
my catheter leaks after my prostatectomy 2
prostate cancer humour 2
what does perineural invasion mean 2
should psa stay at o if you have no prostate 2
when i was in about seventh grade my oldest brother rushton had this mother’s of invention record. i remember the music on it was very different than what i was hearing on the radio and certainly different from the band i was most familiar with, the beatles. most of the songs were very wierd sounding with a lot of talking. there was a song called “don’t eat the yellow snow.” i don’t know what it is about a famous 2
2011 wife of prostate cancer patient 2
prostrate post vacuum penis r nz 2
can anti biotics affect prosrate funchion 1
post prostatectomy 1
do urologists recommend diapers for men 1
low cost sonablate hifu 1
prostate water 1
prostrate jokes 1
nanoknife results for prostate cancer 1
active surveillance pomegranate 2011 1
cant tell other people 1
multiple prostate biopsies 1
what to expect after a prostate biopsy 1
men’s stories of prostatectomy 1
how long men leave if prostate cancer spreads to bones 1
male mastectomy 1
psa albin 1
prostate cancer story message forum 1
spasm in prostate 1
bill aucoin grave 1
where can prostate cancer go if it is outside the prostate after it is removed 1
the great prostate mistake dr albin 1
journey with prostate cancer 1
dr. mchugh negative first biopsy 1
when the football players work pink shoes 1
imptonce in elderly 1
prostata exam live 1
prostate radiation cost in 2011 1
image of dogs prostate 1
psa 0 after prostate removed 8 years ago 1
“cartoon urologist and prostate cancer” 1
prostate cancer books incontinence helped me 1
the most aggresive decision that i made when i 1
who invented rdioactive seed for cancer 1
spasm prostate 1
andrew lloyd webber prostate cancer biopsy 1
ga urology ssi 2011 1
cnn prostate 1
walnut + cartoon 1
“prostate nodule” 1
dr oz on finasteride 1
andrew partin prostate partin tables 1
sling operation after prostectamy 1
mideival prostate treatment 1
is prostate biopsy painful 1
when did bud abbot die 1
can you have prosectomey after radiatkion 1
prostatectomy bleeding around catheter 1
lloyd webber impotent 1
ultra sound show black on prostate 1
wife diapers 1
clarke c melanoma 1
are survival rates better with surgery or radiation for prostate cancer 1
can you remove the prostate after seed therapy 1
why not to biopsy on basis of high psa only 1
dr. brawley prostate cancer treatment 1
gleason score lower on the final path report then on the biopsy 1
normal prostate biophy 1
sex and psa levels 1
langston hughes prostate cancer 1
“prostate cartoons” 1
black bass 50 cm 1
two finger prostate exam 1
prostate biopsy video 1
ablin prostate cancer 1
live video of a prostate biopsy 1
feeling like you need to pee after prostate biopsy 1
letter to physicians da vinci robot purchase 1
testosterone supplements for prostate cancer survivor forum 1
prostate spasm 1
funny prostate pictures with photos 1
location of prostate 1
does a rectal exam 2 get a biopsy hurt 1
when have prostate cancer can calf of legs hurt 1
when prostate doesnt change after readiation 1
vasectomy and march and madness and mchugh 1
vasectomy march madness 1
changing lifestyle after a prostate boisopity 1
stories of prostrate radiation 1
can anti biotics affect prosrate 1
dying from prostate cancer 1
secondary radiations from surgery books 1
dr. mchugh prostate 1
is it safe to have sex if you have prostate cancer 1
interstim for anal spasms 1
women who enjoy doing rectal exams 1
medtronic interstim reviews for urinary incontinence 1
elevated psa biopsy 1
nodule in biopsy of prostate 1
breast cancer vs prostate cancer 1
not diagnostic 1
normal psa after prostatectomy 1
how much is a vasectomy in savannah ga. 1
prostate cancer book 1
prostate cancer perineural invasion 1
prostate biopsy, good experience 1
richard albin psa 1
catheta after prostate biopsy 1
prostate spasm causes 1
pain management after prostatectomy personal stories 1
urologist jokes 1
dr. oz female rectal examinations 1
prostate table 1
bald eunuch 1
blood around foley 1
biting pain in prostate 1
urologist gainesville ga 1
ackee cancer 1
doctor wants me to have a prostate biopsy how bad does it hurt? 1
richard ablin new york times 1
prostate cancer, book 1
prostatectomy bladder urethra pain after removing catheter 1
getting sick after prostate surgery 1
prostate exam jo 1
biopsy of prostate in dogs pictures 1
watch free video on testcal biposy 1
prostate cancer in young men stories 1
vasectomy gainesville ga 1
does improve the prostate 1
if you have radiation can you later have prostate surgery 1
hifu treatment in canada 1
zappa+cancer 1
pin and prostate cancer 1
psa over 5 1
prostate examination live 1
live prostate exam videos 1
prostate screening protocol 1
prostate cancer humor 1
alberto sabatino 1
rectal exam at urologist 1
perineural invasion in prostate cancer 1
bill clinton cancer cure 1
post prostate cancer 1
can you have sex if you have prostate cancer 1
catchy titles for prostate cancer presentation 1
prostate cancer forums akron ohio 1
incontinence prostatectomy time table 1
support group for women who have a husband with prostate cancer 1
dr robert young protocol prostate cancer 1
removed prostate psa 1
psa biopsy 1
leaking with catheter after prostatectomy 1
what does a urologist do for sex drive 1
what does a psa of 15 mean 1
nodule of the prostate 1
why do people joke about death 1
trus biopsy complications 1
why would psa go up after prostate has been removed 1
b & o suppository 1
“humor prostate cancer” 1
frank zappa diagnosis 1
incontinence humor 1
help for wife dealing with prostate cancer 1
when can a prostate cancer survivor use testosterone 1
ignore elevated psa 1
prostate cancer how to tell friends 1
my bladder is killing me 1
prostate exam motivational 1
spasm bladder diaper 1
wives in diapers 1
prostate jokes 1
prostate joke 1
prostate removed cancer is back, where? 1
male urethra 1
diagram protatectomy 1
dr. walsh phoebe putney 1
can men have sex before a prostate exam 1
when you cant tell a joke 1
prostate nodule what to do? 1
dj’s diaper diaries 1
how long will i live with prostate cancer gleason 8 1
libido and prostatectomy 1
women get cancer from man with prostate cancer 1
quest prostate 4 gene urine test 2011 1
counseling support for wife of prostatectomy patients 1
urologist cartoons 1
biopsy interpretation of the prostate 1
online cancer survey 1
nurse told me she would be doing a prostate exam and a sperm test today 1
urologist of georgia associates 1
nerve by prostate 1
cancer incidence infographics 1
prostatic nerves 1
biopsy of prostate nodules 1
my prostate size is redused in one month with home method 1
md ����ɭ nanoknife 1
proton versus photon therapy for prostate cancer 2011 1
proxy sex 1
decision at the marias 1
university of miami hospial nanoknife marketing sylvester center 1
prostate wordpress mchugh 1
davinci robot forum prostate 1
frank zappa prostate cancer 1
doctor patient 1
removing the catheter post prostatectomy 1
urine leaking around catheter 1
drug of choice for pain from bladder spasms after prostatectomy 1
how do you deaden prostate 1
the road less traveled by robert frost 1
what stage of prostate cancer did bill bixby have when he discovered it? 1
what does prostate nodules mean 1
prostate exam girlfriend 1
can you have sex before biopsy 1
prostate cancer 1
should a prostatectomy be done when prostate cancer invades the bladder? 1
urologist takes a biopsy gives tells my husband he will see him in 6 monhs 1
proton therapy new york 1
ackee and prostate cancer in jamaica 1
biopsy with ativan and percocet 1
rising psa after prostatectomy 1
prostate biopsy perineural invasion 1
prostate wordpress negative prostate biopsy 1
do men leave their wivies when they have prostate remove 1
spotting after prostrate biopsy 1
how did famous men treat their prostate cancer 1
male interstim 1
hopkins “personalized vaccine” cost 1
james brown papa’s got a brand new bag lp 1
i have prostate cancer am i entitled to any kind of benifits 1
what treatment did robert deniro take for prostate cancer 1
nodule on prostate 1
bart damned if you do 1
prostate inflammation cipro 1
masturbating with tomatos 1
prostate cancer support wives 1
bill aucoin teletape corporation 1
frank zappa cancer weet 1
mayo clinic 75 yrs old with prostate cancer 1
what is low free psa 1
vasectomy weight gain 1
blood coming out of penis after catheterization 1
what rivers make up decision point lewis and clark -alaska 1
does cancer in the prostate necessarily always spread 1
“bladder spasms” radiation prostate 1
nanoknife press release 1
my bladder piopsy revealed prostate cancer ? 1
simpson negative biopsy 1
men ego specific words 1
videos of most painful and worst biopsies in men 1
is it normal to have urine leak from penis when wearing catheter 1
secondary cancer in pelvis 1
prostate ultrasound dark mass 1
urethral spasm 1
biopsy showed spots from prostate 1
who is clark howard prostrate cancer dr 1
perineal pain prostate cancer staging 1
urine leaks around catheter after prostate surgery 1
my prostate cancer is back 1
can prostate cancer spread having sex 1
does a urologist perform a prostate biopsy unassisted 1
inputs on prostate watch 1
cnn medical prostate biopsy 1
eunuchs prostate cancer 1
famous people who died from prostate cancer 1
obama care and bcbs joke vasectomy 1
time to perform a prostate biopsy 1
surgeons promote vasectomies before sporting event weekends 1
new zealand salvage april 4 2011 radiation hormone post prostatectomy 1
recommendation for psa post prostatectomy canada 1
post prostate surgery diapers 1
prostate diearies 1
blog for widows of prostate cancer victims 1
prostate cancer patients 1
простата фото 1
hospital cartoons prostate 1
can you see cancer with an ultrasound 1
who should take testosterone after prostate surgery 2011 1
prostate surgery robotic vs traditional 1
blood in catheter 1
negative-biopsy “high psa “ 1
prostate biopsy and real stories 1
nanoknife procedure done in canada 1
radication for prostate ca post prostatectomy blog 1
what does a urologist do for a nodule prostate 1
needle prostate university of michigan 1
prostatectomy catheter leak 1
предстательная железа в картинках 1
2010 lost bladder and sexual function with radiation for prosate cancer 1
are partin table correct 1
what does extraprostatic mean 1
bud abbott prostate cancer 1
dana jennings new york times 1
what pain medication for prostate biopsy 1
twitter of nanoknife proceedure 1
prostrate block for prostrate biospsy 1
cyberknife versus nanoknife 1
peyronie’s disease pictures 1
anatomical cowpers gland 1
cost of a sonablate machine 1
rain scan 1
my prostate cancer blog 1
aggressive testosterone drive prostate cancer 1
perineural invasion 1
prostate cancancer screening mouse cartoons 1
percentage of prostate nodules being cancer 1
nurses well train in giving a prostate exsam 1
“lamar hunt” +ketchup 1
show prostate 1
the best urologists for stress incontinence due to prostatecomy in new jersey 1
what is grays prostate 1
how long does leaking last after a prostatetomy 1
i have a catheter in and am having bladder spasms and female 1
cause of thigh spasms that travel to bladder 1
what does psa of 17 indicate 1
prostate adt rethink 1
why can’t you have sex after prostate biopsy 1
dr hiley u prostate cancer after 1
humour in the surgeon’s diary natoin newspaper 1
will a prostate sonogram show cancer 1
post surgery aggressive prostate cancer 1
perineural extension 1 1
albin richard prostate 1
water prostate 1
is it safe to have sex if you have prostate cancer? 1
shawshank redemption + frank zappa’s son 1
vasectomy libido 1
john c. mchugh m.d 1
bp oil spill personal stories 1
psa velocity, active surveillance 1
prostatitis + bladder spasm + 1
catheter in recovery room 1
biopsy prostate positive what does it mean? 1
masturbation diaries 1
video of couple facing multiple cancers 1
low free psa 1
can we hav sex with cancer patients 1
how long am i in the recovery room after a prostate removal 1
how does a urologist check my prostate? 1
famous men with vasectomies 1
gleason 8 with all but one core positivve treatment options 1
nodule on prostate biopsy 1
whats the discharge coming around the catheter 1
tissue bank risks 2011 1
prostate metastasis and bone and cartton 1
“ipilimumab” 1
prostate cancer humorous gifts 1
prostate cancer deaths vs breast cancer 1
humiliating prostate diapers 1
i want my prostrate back by laurence 1
is a tomato a good masterbation device? 1
prostate cartoons 1
urethral anatomy post prostatectomy image 1
what is an inked margin 1
can women have sex with who has prostrate cancer 1
is leakage from a catheter normal 1
missouri river 1
can i go to the bathroom after a prostate biopsy 1
if a man has prostrate cancer..what is the sexual impact on the female. 1
can prostate cancer come back after a prostectomy 1
prostate hormone therapy does psa go to zero 1
prostate cancer spread to bones 78 years old 1
my experiences having prostate exam and biopsy 1
clark howard prostate cancer 1
catheter out blood 1
prostrate cancer humor 1
can upper leg pain cause bladder spasms 1
prostate cancer deaths compared to breast cancer 1
should i get a prostate biopsy 1
interstim for males 1
sex before a prostate biopsy 1
prostate cancer history 1
the joke’s on jim tucker 1
urology humor 1
ire nanoknife 1
rectal cancer pictures 1
anatomy significance 1
can scare tissue cause elevated psa after surgery 1
prostate cancer process 1
can you see cancer on ultrasound 1
psa after prosate is removed 1
medical pictures of prostate cancer 1
radiation after prostatectomy 1
why do bladder spasms happen after prostatectomy 1
famous guys with prostate cancer 1
see prostate cancer with ultrasound 1
prostate and colorectal cancer in alabama 1
prostate nudule with psa of 5 1
if one biopsy for prostate cancer is negative what are the chances that another will be positive 1
can prostate biopsy increased psa 1
press on his prostate 1

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