Look what I learned to do about answering prostate cancer questions! A prostate diaries minute in its infancy? Ps….do you have a question for the podcast urologist? I only have a minute.

love has no eyes....love is so unwise.....JT

A podcast in response to a question: Should I have a biopsy for an elevated PSA if I have a bladder infection?

Anyway…this podcast is a bit weird. I did it with a free recording software and a microphone that cost 8 dollars from Wal-Mart. So what do you expect? What in the world is that sound in the middle of my podcast? So…the podcast is a work in progress but may server as a medium to further elucidate the nuances that are peculiar to that “old chestnut’ prostate cancer. Pss… Do you recognize the intro and the jazz guy used for the intro? My kids called it, ” hot tub music” because that’s what I put on when they were little and we’d play in the hot tub before dinner. If I hit it big…they’ll come after me for copyright encroachment.

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