the foundation of prostate cancer decision making…rectal exam, psa and the specifics of “your” disease…it’s not about your uncle Bob or your buddy at church did about “their” cancer!

he who knows his enemy and himself always wins, he who knows himself and not the enemy sometimes wins, he who knows neither himself or his enemy always loses

 It was pretty today in Northeast Georgia….a bit windy however.

My newest stab at podcasting…what do you think? My plan is to take about 100 specific questions about prostate cancer ( I cheat by looking at my blog’s search history) and answer them concisely and hopefully with a somewhat clever and irreverant slant. Today I figured out the microphone and the garage band software on the iMac…need to work  on how to let Quicktime play and avi file.

Podbean Podcast Prostate Cancer Diaries Minute

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