Vasectomy 101-Gainesville’s Northeast Georgia Urology Group (NGUA) Podcast

the question isn't who is going to let's who is going to stop me

If you look hard enough you’ll see Chloe in the background being a good girl and just taking it in. On the other hand…I have got some work to do with the Pepster. She chases the lure in the water by following the fishing line. She’ll swim where the line goes despite my moving the rod tip, trying to bury the line in the water. Well the result is seen above. Bait casters are hard. My brother Rushton loved baitcasters particularly a Garcia Ambasadeur Baitcaster Reel. He spoke of it as if it was a god or something and at time when I used to fish with him, the money involved with purchasing one was tough to come by. I have yet to master one, and put in conjunction with the Chompepsi, it always ends in disaster…Oh well…In time she’ll chill like Chloe. Ya gotta keep takin them for em to lern.

Vasectomy 101-A Podcast-If you want to listen.

Vasectomy 101-If you want to read.

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