how the ipad killed the prostate cancer blog prostate diaries star… killed the radio star….

the evil twins love the little heater out at the lake cabin...toasty!

Did you know this was the first music video played on MTV? Some thought went into it and it was the logical choice. So now about my ipad.

I bought my wife an ipad for her birthday…that was D-Day…this past June 6th. If you have bought and read my book, some know it as E-Day. Don’t get it….? Buy the book.

I have absolutely loved having a Dell laptop with wireless connection in our den. I get up in the morning, turn on the fireplace, give a chicken strip to Penelope and let her out on the porch (I look at her feet, they are soooo pretty),get out the coffee creamer and orange juice, put the saline solution in the nedi pot, grind the Starbuck coffee beans, start the coffee, do the nedi pot, drink the orange juice, then the best….steal a cup from the very first part of the coffee that is filtered, put just the tips of my feet into my wife’s high end fur house slippers and settle down with the lap top to check the news and do other things that the most wonderful connected internet allows you to do.

Once you have an ipad you do get addicted to the small size of the thing and if all you want to do is surf around it is very wonderful and convenient. Drudge report, email, other news, book sales, blog stats, practice visits stats all accessed effortlessly with a tap of the finger.

Oh…but then….no adobe flash, and typing is pecking, so to check stuff if that is how you roll then it is fine and delightful. But if you want to do real computer stuff like “type” then you are done. I have gravitated to the ipad and as a result, by the time I’ve looked at the stuff I want then it is time to get ready for work. In the day before the ipad I’d have the “huge goliath bulky archaic dell laptop.” When I pick that thing up now it is like picking up bricks, I mean comparatively it is like a suitcase.

As a result my doing my little posts on the prostate diaries has taken a hit. If I am to get back into the swing of things I am going to have to just ignore the ipad. I need something I can check money, sports, news, politics and…..type and have the stuff supported by WordPress. You just cannot do a post with an ipad…unless you know something I don’t. If you do please enlighten me.

So video killed the radio star?

  • proton killed the brachytherapy star
  • the robot killed the open prostatectomy star
  • the USPCTA (or whatever) killed the PSA star
  • surveillance killed the treatment star
  • the holistic book writer killed the decision author star
  • the AMA killed the prostate cancer treating star
  • obamacare killed the private practicing urologist star
  • prostate cancer killed 25,000 stars
  • the epidemiologists killed the prostate cancer patient that could have been saved but wasn’t worth the tests or the costs to do it……..

rush limbaugh has 20 million listeners a week and is the most listened to radio host in history

charlie chaplin is considered brilliant and one of the most influential actors of all time

go figure……


4 Replies to “how the ipad killed the prostate cancer blog prostate diaries star… killed the radio star….”

  1. Robotic surgery oct 15th 2011. Bloodwork done today for my three month check—PSA is <0.1
    I hope this helps anyone wrestling with the decision making process!


  2. Thats a lot of killing there JM in those nine bullet points you seem to have solved more mysteries than Sherlock Holmes. I can certainly relate to the epidemiologists they are the Moriartys’ of the ‘PSA testing doesnt save lives’ group.


  3. May I just say what a relief to find someone that really understands what they’re discussing on the internet. You certainly realize how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More and more people ought to look at this and understand this side of your story. It’s surprising you are not more popular since you surely possess the gift.


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