Asphidity found to treat prostate cancer! Just like statins, walnuts, masturbation, coffee, zinc, saw palmetto or any thing else some research project someone is willing to pay for…

So they asked Will Rogers why presidents of the most powerful nation in world would invite him back inauguration after inauguration to make fun of them with clever sarcastic humor. ” They’re big people,” he said. Robert Cooper Davis was big people my friend.

After my mother’s divorce she and her 5 boys “showed up” on her mother’s steps in LaGrange, Georgia circa 1968. In the summer the customary thing to do was to sit on the porch and have an ice cold small bottled Coke from Davis Pharmacy over ice sitting on the porch at 103 North Lewis Street. My grandmother had many interesting stories about things she witnessed at that address and from that porch. One of which is when the First Presbyterian Church was on fire right there in front of our porch (We lived across the street from that church) and the Fire Department flew right by the burning church to go to the First Methodist Church and then had to double back. And then the following one about my grandfather the Pharmacist. He served in War World I, played football at North Ga College and then at the University of Georgia in 1909. My mother absolutely, as she would say, “Worshiped ground he walked on.” Enjoy the subtle humor of my grandmother Bessie Clay Davis.


Ten Cents of Asphidity

My grandfather, Robert Cooper Davis, was a pharmacist in LaGrange, Ga. He has served in War World I in the Navy, attended North Georgia College for one year then played football at the University of Georgia 1909. My mother loved her mother, but adored her father. The name Robert Cooper Davis in one fashion or another found its way into the names of many of his descendents.

His pharmacy was on the square in LaGrange and because I grew up with my grandmother in the very house he bought during the depression years and he lived in until he died, I heard many a tale about him. One of which I want to share now.

My grandfather was working one day and in comes a young boy with a request from his mother. The boy’s last name was Eichelberger.

“Mr. Cooper (People called my grandfather Mr. Cooper and my grandmother Uncle Bess). My mother would like ten cents of  Asphidity please,” the boy said.

My grandfather takes out his pad and pen to take the order and then as he writes murmurs  the order aloud.

“Let’s see now. Ten cents of As-phid-ity for Eich-el-berger.” It took him much more time to write the order than to say it and he paused a bit to get the spelling right of each.

He then said as he handed the Asphidity to the young boy and said with some slight frustration, “Hell boy, just take it. It ain’t worth ten cents to have to write it.”

3 Replies to “Asphidity found to treat prostate cancer! Just like statins, walnuts, masturbation, coffee, zinc, saw palmetto or any thing else some research project someone is willing to pay for…”

  1. Where can I buy this med that I hated when I was a little girl in the early 60’s, that made me feel so good after I took it! Thank you!


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