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  1. Hi, I am a female who had a bladder sling in March 2010 and had serious complications that have left me crippled. I began a blog because no one would believe me and from that blog, thousands of women came to get help and share their stories. I had complete removal three months ago by Dr. Raz, UCLA and I am very doing well. I just received a comment from a man who is dealing with his own issues from a sling and I want to help him. I had a conversation with Dr. Raz about male slings after my own surgery and he told me, yes men have serious complications as well as women. He is going to make a sling from my own fascia in a couple of months because removal made me very incontinent, and he has helped many, many women who were living in bed in terrible pain because of these slings, sometimes twelve plus years later. Have you had a sling implant? Do you believe there are far more complications from these slings than are reported? What advice can you offer men? This is my blog


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