Does a prostate nodule always mean prostate cancer? A podcast by John McHugh M.D.

When I am at my little cabin on Lake Lanier I sit at a small table that has a laptop and I write. About every thirty minutes or so our chocolate lab Penelope will come over to me and rest her chin on my thigh and then whine a high pitched sound that beckons me to go out with her and throw something, usually a stick, a tennis ball or this large white dock bumper that she loves to scoot. Well on this occasion she has a tennis ball and what I now do to keep from getting up and interrupting my writing, I let Penelope drop the ball in front of me at the little table and I throw the ball from where I am sitting through the cabin’s door, the porch door and out into the yard. Sometimes I miss the opening of the cabin door and the ball bounces back. I catch it and throw again, I have gotten pretty good at traversing the two openings and Penelope loves it but she is relentless. No sooner have I thrown the ball there she is again at my desk dropping the ball and whining to start the whole process over again.

The little thing at the end is a verse from a song of one of my favorite bands…do you recognize it?


Prostate nodule musings by Podcast


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