2 Replies to “Fifty shades of prostate cancer# 1- Pick a good urologist and listen to him!”

    1. Fair enough. I would say a good one from one that is not informative and attnetive to your concerns and what you feel is best for you. A good one won’t push surgery, and will mention radiation as well as surveillance if appropriate.
      Do your homework by talking to friends/coleagues/family doctor who have used someone and had a good relationship and result. I personally don’t like doctors that are offended by a second opinion.
      Most all urologists can do a biopsy adequately so that won’t be the issue. It will be in the helping a patient make the best decision for his situation. A good urologist will be forthcoming about the complications and downside of all the treatments and give you space and time to evaluate. Never a bad idea to have the radiation therapist do the second opinion.
      Finally, if you choose surgery a good urologist will be candid about who is the best to do it. It might not be him but a good urologist knows who is good at performing the surgery and should give you those options.
      So a good urologist practices the golden rule in that he or she will treat you like he ( or a family member) would want to be treated.
      Do your homework… As I say in my book, ” It is better to cure at the beginning rather than at the end.”


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